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Facts About Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc

Facts About Sauvignon Blanc

If you are a wine lover, you are probably familiar with Sauvignon Blanc. For those who do not, this is a greened-skinned type of grape grown in France for the purposes of wine making. The wine that comes from this type of grapes is very different from the others. It has a green and herbaceous flavor that is different from brands like Chardonnay. This has a unique taste that makes it a must taste wine. The parts of France responsible for making this type of wine include Bordeaux and Loire valleys.

Sauvignon Blanc

What is the taste of Sauvignon Blanc?

This wine has different basic flavors including lime, green apple, white peach and passion fruit. However, the taste of this wine will also depend on several other factors such as how ripe the fruits were before processing and the time the wine takes before its supply. As aforementioned, Sauvignon Blanc is different from other types of wine majorly because of its taste.

About Sauvignon Blanc

Though mostly grown in France, the types of grapes that make this wine originates from Durbanville. It grows well in a warm and dry climate. It also requires some winds and a bit of cold during winter for its good growth. The grapes grow well in Tukulu type of soil. When matured, farmers handpick them at a temperature of about 23 degrees. Morning hours provide the best time for harvesting because they have to be cold enough in preparation for 14-day fermentation.

What type of wine is Sauvignon Blanc?

While it is true that countries like New Zealand and the USA produce this type of wine with sugar, most of Sauvignon Blanc is dry. This gives it another unique trait.

What are the characteristics of Sauvignon Blanc?

This dry wine has features such as lime, green apple, kiwi, and white peach flavors. In addition to that, it has additional aromas such as grass, lovage, a box of chalk and wet concrete amongst others.

Are there any food pairings for the wine?

To begin with, Sauvignon Blanc is herbaceous meaning it pairs well with other green products. Any meal that has ingredients such as amongst others, basil, parsley, and rosemary will pair well with this wine. On the other hand, you can pair it with meat products such as chicken, pork, fish, and turkey. Other possible pairings include green herbs, tarragon, milk cheese and some types of vegetables.

What are the advantages of taking Sauvignon Blanc?

Many benefits come with taking this type of wine. First, it has a unique taste. Taking it, therefore, gives you a feeling like no other. It relaxes you after a long day at work. Secondly, this wine pairs well with other meals.


Sauvignon Blanc is a famous type of wine mostly produced in France. This wine is unique because of its herbaceous taste and its ability to pair with most type of human food. The grapes responsible for its making are green in color and grow well in areas that have Tukulu type of soil.


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